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Excited by Cities:Skylines

I love a good city builder. I've been enjoying a lot of Tropico 4 for the joy of stuffing buildings down and then keeping people happy/unhappy. I've been voted out and even had riots. All good fun. I like to tinker.

I found the latest SimCity thrilling to watch up to release but since have been disappointed by all the videos I've watched. I'm not bothered about always online but I don't like being forced to have my city integrated into some sort of network to do well. They're also not that big. I also don't like giving money to companies who treat their users like slaves.

Unwell in Elite

I've been ill over the past week and when my eyes haven't been streaming and my head not pounding, I've found some solace in Elite:Dangerous. White screens (and daylight FFS) give me a headache prettily readily at the moment and E:D is mostly dark. Which is nice. Here are some thoughts and pics from my travels. Not really a guide but some tips en route.

Twenty Fifteen Resolutions

I'm cutting back on things to resolve to do and instead go for a balance. Family takes priority and after that I find that I have a little more time the older Felix gets. Overall, I want to balance creative stuff (Icar, playing bass) with brain stuff (going through algorithm books, coding neural networks) with gaming (Minecraft and with friends) with body stuff (running). Here are things I want to do this year. I found that things like "blog regularly" were difficult to achieve but they weren't specific enough.

Gaming Sun 16th

So, it's gaming Sunday coming up again. Any games people fancy the look of? Happy to give a F2P a shot, sadly didn't get onto Steam this week to have a look for one.

PS2 is an interesting fallback but I thought of another idea...

Minecraft race for horses.
The aim: go south from Ringwall with only a saddle. Get a horse, bring it back to the stables. First one wins. If you die and lose the saddle, you've got to go to the stables. Prize: kudos!

My second run, I didn't die this time

I set myself a simple goal. Run for ten minutes in one direction, turn around, come back. Run all the way. Don't die. I used Runkeeper to tell me when I hit 5/10/15 minutes.

I did 19:05 min, ran 1.85 miles and feel like I could go a lot further. I am now drinking shit tonnes of water.

Next run Thursday night. I just want to repeat it on that one.

I need some tunes recommendations along the Celldweller/Fear Factory/Bassment Jaxx lines... Pete? ;-)

2014 Update 2

tldr; Some utter fail but other things in track. It's come to my attention that some of my goals rely heavily on others and there is nothing I can do to fix that!

2014 Update

So, I made some resolutions. Let's see how I'm getting on.


  • Arrange weekend activities to do with Felix as he's old enough to do cool stuff (we have a list now) - DONE! He's had Chicken Pox, so we've been broken for the last three weekends.
  • Buy a tag along bike extension (spring) - This month