My second run, I didn't die this time

I set myself a simple goal. Run for ten minutes in one direction, turn around, come back. Run all the way. Don't die. I used Runkeeper to tell me when I hit 5/10/15 minutes.

I did 19:05 min, ran 1.85 miles and feel like I could go a lot further. I am now drinking shit tonnes of water.

Next run Thursday night. I just want to repeat it on that one.

I need some tunes recommendations along the Celldweller/Fear Factory/Bassment Jaxx lines... Pete? ;-)


Good work! Consistency is the key in the early stages of training, so definitely don't try and increase intensity or mileage.

Hmm..running/exercise tunes. I've actually got a ~200-track Google Play playlist that I tend to use when training, and I've cherry-picked a load of tracks that keep the tempo up (for cycling I ideally need bpm of 90+, so slow stuff is not great, unless you can perfectly time it to a hill!)

Pendulum and Prodigy are always good. Very similar to Celldweller is Blue Stahli (eponymous album). Another one worth checking out it Ultraspank by Dope Stars inc.

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Thanks mate, will check those out.

My legs are hurting now, which is expected - two days after. I'm walking with wobbles.

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I've been using an app called C25K. It follows the Couch to 5km program. I'm enjoying it so far and its a great way to motivate yourself.

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