Excited by Cities:Skylines

I love a good city builder. I've been enjoying a lot of Tropico 4 for the joy of stuffing buildings down and then keeping people happy/unhappy. I've been voted out and even had riots. All good fun. I like to tinker.

I found the latest SimCity thrilling to watch up to release but since have been disappointed by all the videos I've watched. I'm not bothered about always online but I don't like being forced to have my city integrated into some sort of network to do well. They're also not that big. I also don't like giving money to companies who treat their users like slaves.

Cities:Skylines looks like the SimCity that SimCity should have been. I agree with RPS that it's not exactly groundbreaking but modernised. I think that's OK. In the same way Torchlight 2 has done the ARPG so very well, I think there was a gap in the market to do city building very well - filling many of the promises that SimCity failed to deliver.

I'm waiting on a sale. My saving for FPV quadcopter fund is eating all my monthly savings right now!


Must resist.

I watched a lets play video the other day, it looks very addictive.

I notice you didn't quite managed to wait for a sale.

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I was playing this a bit before work this morning pretty fun I love things like the ability to put in hydroelectric dams that then effect the water level above and bellow

At the moment my city had some traffic and death problems both can be solved with incinerators :D

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