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Tech Conundrum

So, I have a Razer Nostromo (actually a Belkin n52te but same thing) and the only thing that bugs me about it is that the top row of keys is the "QWER" row, not "1234". This makes for some annoying working-out-how-to-switch-weapon moments.

Introducing Steampunk Space Pirates

I want to write a game. So does EMW. So we're going to. We've been doing a lot of reading, researching and playing with technology since the last Fishcon and we're making progress. We're going to make a game that is a cross between Artemis, FTL and any realtime top-down shooter (like Alien Breed). Players work together to keep their ship alive while exploring and killing.

Pottering about in a virtual world

I tend to get snatches of time during the weekend - 30 min here and there. I don't get to sit down and properly game until after 8pm, once Felix is in bed, we've eaten and the washing up has been done. Boring stuff. Life stuff. My proper gaming has been the engrossing Planetside 2, with it's ridiculous battles. When I get bits and pieces of time, I play Minecraft as I can do a bit and leave it.

Bloody Nora - Planetside 2

I've been dabbling in P2 this weekend. I've been looking for something to fix my FPS habit since the days of "Don't trust my landing, lads". Planetside 2 is free and therefore makes me suspicious about power levels/unlocks and buying a win. I honestly can't see that being a problem on P2 (you'll see why). Hunting as a lone wolf works perfectly, as does in a team.

Wotcha playing in Sep 12?

Gaming wise, I'm about to have a bit of a shift, I think. I love returning to Minecraft for a bit of a "holiday", it really feels like a second home and I can potter around like a digital garden. I'm still planning on finishing CSA, and improving the underside now it is up so high.

Torchlight 2