2014 Update

So, I made some resolutions. Let's see how I'm getting on.


  • Arrange weekend activities to do with Felix as he's old enough to do cool stuff (we have a list now) - DONE! He's had Chicken Pox, so we've been broken for the last three weekends.
  • Buy a tag along bike extension (spring) - This month
  • Ride to Aldermaston with the tag along (spring) - Probably next month - F needs to get used to it.
  • Scotland Holiday (summer, not confirmed yet, need to talk to some peeps) Mrs wants to get on a plane - this is our last chance of holidaying during school time.


  • See chums once a week, every week even if we're not roleplaying - Largely but Felix being ill has made this difficult.
  • Organise at least one party - Not yet
  • Organise a camping trip - Not yet


  • Get Icar into print on demand (this is more about reminding/coaxing proof readers rather than a lot of writing) - Ongoing, there is only so much prodding I can do. Mrs being ill too recently has halted her review.
  • Finish Icar novel - Just shy of 30k words, on track
  • Finish Icar fleet setting (30%) - Now 40%
  • Write at least 200 words a day - Yep, currently got 1700 words in the bank. Aiming for 2500 words ahead to give me a buffer for holidays and illnesses.
  • Do NaNoWriMo (November)
  • Back to weekly blogging on FRPGB A stretch, not happening.
  • Read 4 books
  • - Read Catch 22, 40% through Game of Thrones (thanks Pete). Perhaps slightly behind.


  • Update lack of to drupal v7, 50% complete - 70%
  • Get Harness refactored and have more blocks
  • Save up for Occulus Rift - Slight set back on this 'cos I bought Felix a LEGO train to cheer him up during his 3 weeks of Pox


  • Complete all outstanding MC projects, not start new ones - CSA now at 80% complete.
  • Put in a regular show at Planetside 2 (it's a much better game now) - Every Wednesday without fail, did a sesh on last Friday with Big R and was great fun!


  • Clear rest of debt (should be doable with current budget) - O/D done by July, all other loans gone by Oct.
  • Secure pay rise and (hopefully) promotion - Reviews are happening now

Fitness - Utter fail, all this to do

  • Buy a weighing scales
  • Find ideal target weight
  • Adjust diet to get to target weight
  • Start running, aiming to do Reading half in 2015


  • Run Icar regularly - Best I can what with illness
  • Have regular web chats with free RPG authors Hard to arrange.
  • Run an RPG over Google Hangouts - To Do


All things considered, it looks like you are doing well; after all, you have set yourself one monuMENTAL set of goals.

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