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The Challenge

This post is as much for me and Felix as it is for you chaps. It's a record, reminder and a way to make sense of everything that's going on. I've been incognito for some time now and I hope to explain everything during the course of this post.

Meet Felix's Toys

Felix has an unusual name. We always felt that was right. In contrast, we thought his toys should have inappropriately normal names. I had trouble remember who was who, so I took some photos. Then I had an idea. (Click for biggies, 1920x1080)

How I became a Dad

On Friday 16th of October at 05:00 Kate's waters broke. It began one of the most incredible and emotional 46.5 hours awake any person can experience. Nothing will be the same again but then nothing ever is. I am writing this as accurately as I can - Kate remembers only patches and I didn't check my watch that often.

Baby Defcon 2

So, we've done our last National Childcare Trust (NCT) meeting and all the NHS healthcraft lessons, so we're 'ready'. Of course, no one is ready when the baby actually arrives but I'm ready enough. We know what we want when Kate goes into labour - did you know that there are lots of choices?