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New Year's Eve

Not wanting to go into competition with the VDM Christmas Eve, there's enough people knocking about to hold another party. Some Wii-ing, quiet drinkies will be happening over at ours on NYE.

I know Fish and Byrn are up for it. Who else fancies it? Accomodation available, of course.

Thank you United States of America

For a while there, I thought we might have to invade but it seems like you've managed to choose a good head of state. Obama now has an uphill struggle against the horrid mess that the poisoned chimp has left in his wake.

At least Obama is a good man with a forward thinking approach to politics and the world. Well done United States of America, you've not fucked it up this time!

Icar print test

It's been a long time coming but I've finally got my sticky fingers on the Icar Elements book. The quality of the print is very high indeed. I think I need to improve the DPI on the pictures but the book itself rocks! 88 pages for £10 and then £3 postage and packing. Hurrah!

You can see on this one that my name is a bit too close to the bottom. Easy to fix.

Making web coding easier

A post about things I'm excited about at the moment. Includes jQuery, a fab javascript library for simplifying common techniques, dBug for visualising variables in PHP, an online HTML image map creator, a javascript timeline visualiser and someone's running Icar in play by post!