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Tagging and why you should do it.

You'll notice about your Blog post Body box, there are three selectors at the moment 'Real Life', 'Technology' and 'Miscellaneous Tags'. This is where you choose a few words that best describe your post. By using these tags, it will mean that all the content on the site (links, pages, blogs, everything!) can be grouped together by what it contains.

Rob's change list

This blog post will be used to catalogue the changes I make to the admin system. And new modules and stuff.

First thing:
Comments - turning off the force-preview to make it optional.
Comments - add the "write comment" box to the end of a blog post, rather than separate page.

It's here!

There is loads going on on Lack-Of. We're still very much work-in-progress. We'll let the world at large know when things progress to the point where we're happy.