My first day cycling into work

I aimed to set off this morning at 07:30, giving myself a full hour to get there, get showered and sat at my desk as normal. I got all my stuff together the night before so that I could concentrate on just checking the machine over and getting started. I left at 07:28 and ploughed on up to the the Rushey Way, Beech Lane, Wilderness lane, Wokingham road and on. By the time it got to the downhill bit, I was knackered. I'd not really overdone it en route but the whole turning of legs thing is actually really hard work.

Traffic wasn't as much of a problem as I thought it was going to be. I bottled the right turn onto Beech lane at the Rushey way 'cos traffic shoots straight across the roundabout and I was already feeling 'the burn' having ridden up hill until then. I even tucked my sock in. Yes, I am the height of cycling fashion, with my day glow tank top.

It's nice having a shower in the office. I sweated like a stuck pig.

I'm feeling a bit wobbly-legged at the moment, so will take it easy on the way home. I'm running Icar tonight, so I'm leaving work a little early to make my journey home a bit more relaxing. I do have to get up the Wokey road, after all.

Tomorrow, I might get the bus in. Just to give my legs a break. Otherwise, I'll not be able to stand up and jump about at Carter USM this coming Friday.


(winces at the idea of leaving at 7:30)

Nice one mate. Good to hear that its doable, the idea of driving in isn't even worth considering... trying to get through town by car in time for work would be insane...

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Now if only there was some kind of bike with an engine so your legs didn't get so tired. Oh well you'll have to wait for someone to invent something I sposes.

I drove to work in my car this morning, I'd like to have walked but I was running late.

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You'll probably find the journey back a bit worse, as its more uphill.

I got out of bed at 10am this morning. I haven't moved from the sofa since sitting down here with breakfast. You all have permission to hate me.

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Yes, Pete, but I see you have a 7 mile run on the agenda. Google maps elevation shows that it's actually much the same on the way back. I'm far enough down by the M4 to be on the other side of the hill. It'll be worse because I'll have had a full day of work.

Dwain, the engine thing won't catch on, sorry.

Byrn, you're right, driving into reading is only for the most mental.

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But I did a 6-miler yesterday, and given last week I did 13 miles, 7 is a gentle run.

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You don't need an engine what you need is one of these

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I need a tramp? I don't think Kate would appreciate it if I had a tramp. I've seen a system like this before, is it in Sweden?

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You need one of these:

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it's in Norway

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