Tagging and why you should do it.

You'll notice about your Blog post Body box, there are three selectors at the moment 'Real Life', 'Technology' and 'Miscellaneous Tags'. This is where you choose a few words that best describe your post. By using these tags, it will mean that all the content on the site (links, pages, blogs, everything!) can be grouped together by what it contains. The system can then find other documents with similar tags for you. It also helps Google spider the site automatically and groups things together better. So, if you're writing a post more than a line or two (as you would in a comment), then please tag it.

I've included the three main 'Vocabularies' (posh word for groups of tags) and put some example tags in there. For example, select the real life box and press the down arrow. It will then give you some examples. The same on Technology. You can just write your own. For example, there was not a tag 'Tagging' in there so, I wrote one in.

Separate multiple tags with commas.

Please do use this powerful feature and I think you'll reap the benfits of it later.


Is that why you've got loads of crap under your blogs then?

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Yep, the tags are on the right hand side of the blog underneath it. It's the best way of categorising anything and will make Lack-Of really useful in the future, rather than just a mass of information that'll be unwieldy. If I could build tagging into my old WWW site, then I would have done. I just wasn't feasible in the XML format.

When we get a few more articles with tags, I'll add a Tag Cloud.

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You can tag things you've already posted. Just go back to the blog post and hit 'edit' at the top. You can then add tags if you like.

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When you come to do the skin it would be worth making the tags a bit less overt on the post itself... The way they look now is unwieldy and ugly.

Good concept, and one I approve of, but not keen on them being plastered over the front page in the snippet

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I'm with you there, Pete. I think they can be there but they should be subtle. ;-)

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Tagging seems to have gone weird it has some auto complete thing now that means you can't type anything it doesn't already know about unless you first add it

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How odd. It still works here. You should be able to still add terms. If in doubt, F5 the browser.

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Must have been transitory as what ever new feature that turned that on settled it seems OK now

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