New homes all round

There seems to be a new home theme going on in my life at the moment. Kate and I have one more weekend to move into the new house in Lower Earley and now we've all started the move into Lack-Of.

The real-world move feels like it's been going on for ages and the amount of stuff left in the flat seems to be huge. I know it's not but it feels like it. I'm going to be auctioning/pawning off some of my technical goods that I don't need anymore (my brilliant ADSL router/Wifi won't work on DSL and my Sony digital TV tuner won't work on the cable system) so watch this space. The only thing we're really missing at the moment is a bed. I've ordered one from Dreams but the sodding thing has not even arrived - even worse, they've not even arranged a delivery date. When I phoned before, they suggested testily that I wait until the 28 days lead time is over before phoning again. I'm going to buy a bicycle this weekend because the trek from Lower Earley into the centre of Reading is just too far to walk and I'd rather not take the bus.

The digital move of a lot of my stuff is about to begin and it's not something I'm looking forward to. It's not that it's difficult - I originally coded my old site in XML, so I should be able to transport it across ok, there's just rather a lot to do: Lightwave Tutorials, Short stories, music, AI info and more. I'll still use the old webspace for the big files (such as my music) but I'll try and move most of the text onto the database here on Lack-Of.

Once I'm settled in both, then the invites will start going out. I quite Garland, the default Drupal skin you can all see by default but it's just that: default. I'd rather the site looked a little bit different than other communities. Mostly because I think we are actually quite different. So, we'll collect a few ideas, I'll do some image screenshots and we'll see what we can do. We'll try and have options, so that if you want minimalist, you can.

In other news, my Icar campaign has stuttered due to illness and players being off. No doubt, when it starts again, the lunacy will kick back in and things will really move forward. Or sideways, as the team seem to be doing. I am still working on Chom Isis but it's taken something of an evening backseat to moving house. I'm doing the alliances system at the moment, after that it's Stats and improvements to the Location engine. Then we'll have a Beta game and see what can be improved. Should be a lot easier because the whole game will run on my laptop, so (unliked Chom 2), I don't need to keep updating the server to make it run.

Banjo is going rather well, I managed to play Ace Of Spaces on it last night and I've started my piano lessons at Jago HQ.


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I was just looking at your old site at the maison thinking there were a lack of updates. You can customise garland a bit just using the colour wheel if you don't want the default blue, might be useful until there is time for a new theme.

Oh, and the bus isn't too bad if you pick the right time :p
(Although the fares have gone up again...)

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