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The state of F - 20 months

As Felix is getting older, he's much more fun. I get less cuddles, though.


Felix now walks in a similar way to an adult. Rather than throwing legs forward to move, he leans and moves legs. When not wearing a nappy, it has the ease of anyone.

The end to an awesome campaign

Roleplaying games are fun. They are a superb social activity and idea furnaces. A clutch of like minded imagineers jointly build a story together and for each of us the epic will be remembered in our own way. As a GM, I only plant the seed of the idea, the story itself is the purview of the players. It's them that make it great.

Chom Isis 4 API thoughts

I have been investigating with different API structures (REST, XML-RPC and SOAP) as part of work and I think it's a good time to talk about the Chom 4 Application Programming Interface.

API What?

The Chom 4 API will allow other developers to easily get at data in Chom Isis and perform some actions without visiting the web page.

API Why?

The state of F - 16 months-ish

As Felix grows, the developmental stages are less obvious. Most of the big ones to do with motion (sitting up, walking, etc) are now old hat. Felix is a much happier fellow now he can self-propell. I think the idea of lying down and just having the world happen to him was abhorrent. He wants to happen to the world.

It keeps pouring

Some say "It never rains and then it pours" to signal bad luck converging such that it is noticable. For family Lang, it's been pouring for months now and it just won't stop.

Saying goodbye to players

When not bilious, each week I send out an email offering to run a roleplaying game. It used to be Icar, recently we've been playing Cloudship Atlantis. It's pretty good fun, we have an excellent vibe. However I really need 3 players to play - 2 is just too little. Over the years players have come and gone depending on their work commitments or waning interest in play or leaving Uni.