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The state of F - 16 months-ish

As Felix grows, the developmental stages are less obvious. Most of the big ones to do with motion (sitting up, walking, etc) are now old hat. Felix is a much happier fellow now he can self-propell. I think the idea of lying down and just having the world happen to him was abhorrent. He wants to happen to the world.

It keeps pouring

Some say "It never rains and then it pours" to signal bad luck converging such that it is noticable. For family Lang, it's been pouring for months now and it just won't stop.

Saying goodbye to players

When not bilious, each week I send out an email offering to run a roleplaying game. It used to be Icar, recently we've been playing Cloudship Atlantis. It's pretty good fun, we have an excellent vibe. However I really need 3 players to play - 2 is just too little. Over the years players have come and gone depending on their work commitments or waning interest in play or leaving Uni.

The state of F - 13 Months

Time relativity is an odd thing. On one hand, it doesn't seem like 13 months ago that Felix landed. On the other, so much has happened in those 13 months that it feels like a lifetime. I can't quite understand why a time can seem like a long period and short period at the same time, must be something to do with relativity and context.


At the start of August, I was taken by ambulance to Norwich and Norfolk Accident and Emergency (A&E) where I was mis-diagnosed with a gastric blockage. I was advised to see my GP and get an ultrasound. When I explained the symptoms to my GP, Dr Tulley, she said "Sounds more like gallstones, you're a bit young to have them but we must get that ultrasound done".