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Sell me on Guild Wars 2

The next game purchase I am likely to make is GW 2 but I am not convinced it's for me. Noel (office gamer chap) says it's going to change the world. I know there are some GW1 fans on here. Anyone catch the Beta? Any thoughts? Opinions? Half formed points of view welcome!

Felix is now a little boy

Babies are annoying. Pink, fat, you stuff food in one end and wipe crap off the other. Keep it warm, fed and clean and you won't kill it. They don't do anything entertaining. Toddlers are terrifying. They get up, run around, get their hands onto everything. They're anarchists that don't have the language skills to express themselves.

The state of F - 20 months

As Felix is getting older, he's much more fun. I get less cuddles, though.


Felix now walks in a similar way to an adult. Rather than throwing legs forward to move, he leans and moves legs. When not wearing a nappy, it has the ease of anyone.