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The state of F - 13 Months

Time relativity is an odd thing. On one hand, it doesn't seem like 13 months ago that Felix landed. On the other, so much has happened in those 13 months that it feels like a lifetime. I can't quite understand why a time can seem like a long period and short period at the same time, must be something to do with relativity and context.


At the start of August, I was taken by ambulance to Norwich and Norfolk Accident and Emergency (A&E) where I was mis-diagnosed with a gastric blockage. I was advised to see my GP and get an ultrasound. When I explained the symptoms to my GP, Dr Tulley, she said "Sounds more like gallstones, you're a bit young to have them but we must get that ultrasound done".

Edgehill Street

We've been saving for ages. Saving included paying off student debts (not the loan, other debts I accrued) and actually building a deposit. About 2 years ago, the plan was to live cheaply in the inlaw's house while they were in Cambodia and then buy a house when they got back and house prices were lower.

APB, I went and bought it because Fish did. The reviewers are hammering it

I often read RPG and Bit-Tech for reviews on things. My PC is pretty much a Bit Tech build. I have been looking forward to APB (even though I couldn't get the beta to work) and am a bit shocked that the reviewers are hammering it!

Bit-Tech 4/10

RPS Comments not favourable

The state of F

Now nearly 8 months old, Felix is doing new things on a pretty much weekly basis. He's becoming a child with a sense of humour who is extremely active. Perhaps about normal for baby boys - who tend to be more active. He's very social although has proven to 'go off' some of the recurring people - like Uncle Hat (Tristan).