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Edgehill Street

We've been saving for ages. Saving included paying off student debts (not the loan, other debts I accrued) and actually building a deposit. About 2 years ago, the plan was to live cheaply in the inlaw's house while they were in Cambodia and then buy a house when they got back and house prices were lower.

APB, I went and bought it because Fish did. The reviewers are hammering it

I often read RPG and Bit-Tech for reviews on things. My PC is pretty much a Bit Tech build. I have been looking forward to APB (even though I couldn't get the beta to work) and am a bit shocked that the reviewers are hammering it!

Bit-Tech 4/10

RPS Comments not favourable

The state of F

Now nearly 8 months old, Felix is doing new things on a pretty much weekly basis. He's becoming a child with a sense of humour who is extremely active. Perhaps about normal for baby boys - who tend to be more active. He's very social although has proven to 'go off' some of the recurring people - like Uncle Hat (Tristan).


Spooky, it's like me looking up at me

Felix, although still technically a baby is now more of a little boy. He has a personality, desires, needs wants and is more than just a reactive system. Before now you put milk in, he processed it into something ungodly which you collected in a soft hopper mechanism attached to his rump. He's just passed 6 months old now, so it's a good time for an update.