Move nearly finished, now on with life refactoring

Kate and I have finally finished moving all our stuff into the new house in the scarily 'pleasant' Lower Earley. Tonight will be the last night of tidying a few bits and pieces we lost the will to do in the flat, as tomorrow is my regular Icar game session, tonight is really the last night.

I can't say I'm completely happy with the move. The flat had a huge number of problems with it, wood worm, rot, damp, mould, near-zero temperatures and draughts to mention a few but it was oddly ours. It was quirky, weird and felt like the right sort of place. Weird or off kilter. The house in L.E. is lovely. It's truly fab. However, it lacks that sort of character that makes you fall in love with something. I know it's only for a short term (when the out-laws come back from the VSO in 2010, about when the next monolith will be found around Jupiter) but I do hope we can afford something with similar character to the flat when we do move out. I'm sure we'll all reap the benefits of the new place in terms of ample seating for video nights, overnight accomodation for London types and so on.

The last big step is to pick up my new bike from Halfords tonight. I plan to cycle to work and although I'm not adverse to exercise, I've not really done much in ages, so it's going to hurt. No doubt the first few weeks will be wheezing near-coma trips into town. It's a GT Aggresor 3. A macho name for a blue bike with better brakes than the VW van had.

So, refactoring, then. Refactoring (for someone who doesn't write software) is where you take existing elements and delete a few things that didn't work and try and replace them with good things. Lack-of feels like part of that process. I am replacing (albeit slowly) my old blog. I also need to sell off some (still up to date, annoyingly) technology that won't work in DSL-driven household. So, a couple of quick plugs:

For sale
Netgear WG834N Wireless ADSL Modem/Router. Bloody fast ASDL routing jobbie. Will connect 'N' speed (the fastest) wireless devices or any of the older versions. A tiny bit of surface damage. Piss easy to set up. £40 ono.
Sony VTX-D800U Freeview Digital TV Set Top Box[/b]. It's a set top box but it is a gucchi one. You all probably have one (Byrn has the same model) but if you want lots of TVs in your gaff with different channels, this is your man. £30 ono

All proceeds will go towards the "Rob needs to get into the 21st Century and buy himself a sodding MP3 player" fund.

There is going to be a housewarming at some point but god knows when because I know how tricky it is getting everyone together. Still, we'll probably set a weeknight date (a Friday) and see who can come.

As soon as I get internet in the house, I'll start on the new Lack-of skin but thanks to Pete's messing about, we've got a nice blue grey one for now. (cheers mate)


Glad to see I'm not the only one still without an MP3 player.

I am wondering if my comment on one of your other blogs has been moderated off...

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