Rob's change list

This blog post will be used to catalogue the changes I make to the admin system. And new modules and stuff.

First thing:
Comments - turning off the force-preview to make it optional.
Comments - add the "write comment" box to the end of a blog post, rather than separate page.


Menu - Added forum link.

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I don't have FTP access at work, and as I've never done it before probably safer you do this. Couple of modules I'd like to have added on the blog front

1) Blog Info

Allows a bit of info to be added for a blog site (Title and Description)

2) Blog Theme

Allows a user to enforce a them when their blog is being viewed

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Uploaded. Turn on and configure at your pleasure.

I FTP using FireFTP in Firefox, mate:
Good for you?

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Added a the link system and playing with a two column output.

Should links be promoted to the front page or just in a block at the side?

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Reorganised the forums, it looked a little odd having the public ones floating under a 'Out in the world' group. Now, with the standard login, it looks much better.

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