2014 Update 2

tldr; Some utter fail but other things in track. It's come to my attention that some of my goals rely heavily on others and there is nothing I can do to fix that!


  • Arrange weekend activities to do with Felix as he's old enough to do cool stuff (we have a list now) - We're doing pretty well with this, done lots of walks, train trip to Oxford, Beaulieu etc. We're restricted by budget during the summer but going OK.
  • Buy a tag along bike extension (spring) - Bought. Felix is too small for it.
  • Ride to Aldermaston with the tag along (spring) - Felix is too small for it. We've done some rides in his old bike seat, which is still OK for now.
  • Scotland Holiday (summer, not confirmed yet, need to talk to some peeps) Mrs wants to get on a plane - this is our last chance of holidaying during school time. No money to get on a plane, so we had a staycation this year and spent time a local attractions!


  • See chums once a week, every week even if we're not roleplaying - This started well but has been difficult because work is heating up.
  • Organise at least one party - Not yet
  • Organise a camping trip - Done - with Felix - Felix loved it. Now to find a spare weekend to go with others. I hope to do a family one at the end of July. Friends one is looking like August.


  • Get Icar into print on demand (this is more about reminding/coaxing proof readers rather than a lot of writing) - I'm ready to accept the feedback but Mrs isn't really interested in proof reading, so isn't doing it. Looks like I might have to save for a paid proof reader.
  • Finish Icar novel - 50k words, on track
  • Finish Icar fleet setting (30%) - Still 40%
  • Write at least 200 words a day - Mostly Still got a buffer but it's been difficult with work getting more intense.
  • Do NaNoWriMo (November) More likely to take part in Aethercon, an online RPG convention.
  • Back to weekly blogging on FRPGB Have done a few.
  • Read 4 books
  • - Read: Catch 22, Game of Throne, Life of Pi, currently on The Odyssey. Looks good to complete.


  • Update lack of to drupal v7, 90%
  • Get Harness refactored and have more blocks
  • Save up for Occulus Rift Early adopter will be too expensive, will wait for the tech to bed down.


  • Complete all outstanding MC projects, not start new ones - Uberstore now at 40%. I need iron!
  • Put in a regular show at Planetside 2 (it's a much better game now) - Work has shot this one a bit, am too tired in the evenings to enjoy that sort of gaming, have been dropping in now and again, tho.


  • Clear rest of debt (should be doable with current budget) - On track to get all gone by Oct.
  • Secure pay rise and (hopefully) promotion - Done

Fitness - Utter fail, all this to do

  • Buy a weighing scales
  • Find ideal target weight
  • Adjust diet to get to target weight
  • Start running, aiming to do Reading half in 2015


  • Run Icar regularly - Going rather well!
  • Have regular web chats with free RPG authors Hard to arrange.
  • Run an RPG over Google Hangouts - To Do