Open question: What made Chom Isis fun?

In your personal opinion (bollocks to objectivity for a minute), what do you feel made Chom Isis fun?


1) Fucking people over
2) Hacking the system

Specifically to number 2, I had a whale of a time taking before/after shots of the game state at midnight, and then working out as much as possible from it. Myself and Byrnie had a lot of in-depth conversations about how various things were calculated (probably half of it was us attempting to spread mis-information to the other person). There was also (obviously) the various ways we found to misuse the message system and boards (and I'm not even including sending negative presents to Dwain!). I had some huge spreadsheets going on with various game-state updates...

"To condense fact from the vapor of nuance"

Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash

Once the game was tightened up, it felt a lot more sterile. The older version was a bit more akin to the hacking game in "Enders Game", where you are expected to "break" the game.

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Thanks mate, Byrn has sent me those convos... they make for fascinating reading!

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I think the best fun I had with the game was when Byrn and me first pretended to double cross each other to get access to a load of money from the rival alliance then used that warchest to buy up all the operatives time lock people out and then dictating the end of the game

That was definitely a one time deal. We tended to play a bit different to others playing as a team not intending to fuck each other over having the view that a victory for either of us was a victory for both. It made it a very team game and we had a lot of fun planning as a team using our combined resources and intelligence to position ourselves to try and win. So there was a lot of strategy outside the game and maneuvering of our team in the social framework of the game to use Pete's rule 1) against the rest of the players essentially trust as a weapon.

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I agree with the above...

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