MC - While some resources grow

The main structure of the Vertical slum is complete and now I'm starting on interior decorating and some tweaking. What is obvious is that I need a lot of green, which comes from cacti, which has to grow. No big problem, just need to be patient. While "being patient", I took a look at the in-game cartography and noticed that our maps are really old. They're also old maps that don't "align" with modern 1.8 maps. So a made a new one zoomed all the way in. Then I had an idea:

I sort of miss our 3D map but this is definitely the next best thing. I've also wanted to use the village town hall for something impressive. It's going to take a lot of iron ((iron+ redstone = compass) + paper = map) and a whole load of leather (leather + sticks = item frame) but riding around is good fun and I like filling in the missing gaps. You can see how far around Ringwall I rode before I ran out of maps! Some of them aren't filled in 100% but that's easy to do once all the sections are there.

Once it's done, I'll replace all the not-aligned maps with new zoomed out ones and by that time I should have enough resources to do some more interiors.

Amazing how I keep finding these projects! New postcards post coming soon too.


that supermap does look awesome I'll have to log in and check it out

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Thanks mate, I've filled in the middle bit. I'm tempted to push the whole thing back towards the back wall and then run it around the edge of the room. Sort of all sides. I think the roof is tall enough to extend the map North all the way to 1.8 Spawn Castle and include the Evil Mountain.

It might then need a balcony so that you can 'walk' around it about halfway up the map to make it easier to see.

If you're interested in crafting/making expanding, there is enough iron in the Uberstore and get leather from the Under Glasslake. The zoom level is 1 (just make a map, don't zoom out at all).

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