Gaming Sun 16th

So, it's gaming Sunday coming up again. Any games people fancy the look of? Happy to give a F2P a shot, sadly didn't get onto Steam this week to have a look for one.

PS2 is an interesting fallback but I thought of another idea...

Minecraft race for horses.
The aim: go south from Ringwall with only a saddle. Get a horse, bring it back to the stables. First one wins. If you die and lose the saddle, you've got to go to the stables. Prize: kudos!

Any damage to Ringwall must be repaired before you move on. Why south? I know there are horses to the South-East but I have no idea about to the South. Might take an hour, might take five minutes, we'll find out! All welcome - the only knowledge you need is how to tame a horse, which isn't hard. You won't be able to make a lead (unless there is a biome with a slime on the surface), so this is going to be tricky!


I should be able to pop in for a bit I've got a thing later in the afternoon but I would think we'd be done before I have to leave for that

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