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Visa Arrives

So my passport was returned a little earlier. It takes up a page in my passport and rather redundantly contains a photo of me, which my as my boss put it makes me look like a serial killer (which I guess is par for the course).

Anyway I have my licence to live and work in the US just now need to sort out a few of the in-between steps.

Talking with estate agents

Spent saturday going from estate agent to estate agent finding none of them had anyone useful in on a saturday. This meant I spent monday fielding calls from the people I wanted to talk to on saturday . None of them wouldn’t talk details over the phone so I had to make appointments with them. The up shot of which is I’ll be seeing a range of them over the next two weeks.

A Visit to the US Embassy

So today I had my appointment at the US Embassy which is in London. I had to get there for 10am so it meant getting up early and catching the 8:15 train to London Paddington.

It’s about a twenty minute walk to the embassy from the station which takes you past marble arch and the corner of hyde park. It was a nice enough day and I had time so I wandered over.