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A Visit to the US Embassy

So today I had my appointment at the US Embassy which is in London. I had to get there for 10am so it meant getting up early and catching the 8:15 train to London Paddington.

It’s about a twenty minute walk to the embassy from the station which takes you past marble arch and the corner of hyde park. It was a nice enough day and I had time so I wandered over.


From gearbox software who back in the day did all those half life add ons blue shift etc. comes this so called Role Play Shooter. It features a class system with various class specific ability upgrade paths (3 separate paths you can put points into for each class) and a parametric weapon system making each gun fairly unique.

Uncharted 2

Holy crap is this game pretty!

Is probably the first thing you'll notice when firing this ps3 exclusive up it is visually stunning with realtime in engine cut sequences that at points are almost indistinguishable from CGI. In game the visuals are no less stunning with some really wonderful scenes from lush tropical jungle to urban environments to snowy wastelands.