Field test of Visa successful

So I’m in the US again, the flight out could have been better, the entertainment system was broken and all we got was that map thing, and there were two babies opposite who spent quite a while screaming, but I’ve had worse flights. Heathrow was quite busy and due to the security alerts they were doing a secondary screening with full pat down search and hand luggage riffle on everyone. This of course wasn’t mentioned to anyone so most people didn’t allow time for it and plenty of people had to jump the queue as their flight was about to go. It did mean when you got through that it was straight onto the plane.

On arriving I had to fill out a different form than usual a white one instead of a green one. It was more or less the same information as before except I didn’t have to agree not the overthrow the US government and confirm I’m not a nazi war criminal. I guess they assume if the us gov have issued you a visa then you’ve already been screened for those tendencies.

At LAX it seemed they’ve finished some of the upgrades and now the immigration section has more people on it and it took about ten minutes to get through which is very good. The woman at the desk asked me how long I’d worked for the company then spent some time frowning at her computer but then let me through. I collected my bags cleared customs and was off to the hire car place.

It seems there was a power cut in that area so the avis lot was pitch black. Having prebooked a car on the reward scheme normally it would be ready to go but since all their computers and indeed lights were down (they were using cars aimed at their buildings for some minimal light) they didn’t know what the hell was going on. Still they did their best and being a prefered customer I was treated to the finer things.  Trust me when I say you’ve not lived till you’ve filled out a rental agreement by candle light.

I eventually got my hands on a Mitsubishi galant which, once I got to the hotel and had some lights near it, I discovered was white. It seemed to do the job so far I drove a hour or so down to Irvine and checked in to the Crown Plaza and now sit in my fairly comfy room watching discovery and using the free wifi.

Tomorrow I have a fair amount to do so I’ll probably turn in early having as close to a full nights sleep as possible does make the first day go with less jet lag.