Tidying, repainting, various estate agents, shipping, and potential delay

So over the past few days I’ve been sorting out my flat ready for let/buy I’ve had a few estate agents round to give me their views with one still to go and another few booked in for next week.

So far their information  makes me think renting is at least a possibility, it sounds like the money in and out is flowing in the right direction and the cost are on the manageable side it even seems my mortgage provider is one of the more flexible when it comes for permission to rent (though that was according to the mortgage woman I still need to confirm that with the bank themselves). So it’s all ticking along.

I’ve been frantically cleaning things up and putting right any jobs that needed doing which has been quite a chore. All the while I’ve had to do the day job as well.

My employer also let me know about some poor wording in their relocation policy it seems rather than them picking the shipping people (as the original said) it’s up to me to locate and hire them. Which might have been nice to know earlier. Anyway have tentatively googled a few companies and most of them don’t list prices so will need some closer investigation. The shipping times are something like 6-10 weeks which is not ideal but probably workable assuming I stay in a hotel for the gap.

Today I also got word that I might have to jet off to the US mean time to fix some customer problems, this obviously will put back my preparation since there will be little I can do from the US end especially since I’ll be in Irvine near LA rather than our US office which is in the bay area.

Assuming they agree I might see about taking a side trip off to the office for a short while maybe apply for some of the paperwork while I’m there get a head start on the rental thing see if I can sort out a bank account or some such. Maybe see about getting  my desk setup or something so it’s all ready when I turn up proper. I guess we shall see.

At the very least it’ll give me a chance to break in the new visa. I guess I’ll be filling out a completely different set of forms from the usual green one, happy day.