A Perfect Pork Storm!

I love discovery most of the time, mythbusters, dirty jobs, and all sorts of great shows but sometimes they go off the deep end.

They quite often have those shock shows like “MEGA VOLCANO!” or “DEATH ASTEROID!” or “THE COMING OF THE GREAT WHITE HANKY!” all pieces with some meagre scientific backing and mostly a lot of stock footage of explosions. I caught the end of one today about giant wild pigs spreading across america where they uttered the phrase “But what if there were a perfect pork storm?” which is just so ridiculous.

They go to extremes of fear mongering suggesting that giant mutant super pigs will be breaking down your door riding a death asteriod just as a super volcano blows.


I for one welcome our new giant mutant super pig overlords

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The title sounds like an all-you-can-eat bacon buffet, which is pretty much what would happen if giant mutant super-pigs ever invaded.

It's their own fault for being so damn tasty...

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Or the title of a film featuring a gay orgy.

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They tried to underline the terror by showing how big pigs could grow in captivity by showing these enormous almost immobile pigs. Wild pigs can be pretty vicious and as an invasive species I'm sure they'd do a number on the local ecology but it's hard to see them as a threat blown up to huge sizes if they are waddling along at a snails pace more interested in a nice nap that goring your leg.

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