Off to the US for a couple of weeks

So I’m off the the US for few weeks on Sunday, it’s a bit of a pain given the timing and it will put back the move for I would suspect at least a month but these things can’t be helped. Part of the reason I’m moving is because of these sudden trips out.

It also comes just as Mass Effect 2 comes out which is a annoying as I’ll be on a laptop that won’t run anything with 3d.

Still it’ll give me a chance to work my way through the various cheap games I got off steam during the Christmas sales. Not sure yet if I’ll get a chance to visit the office while I’m out there and maybe sort out some of the paperwork at that end. I guess it will depend on how long I’m out there for. So I get a day to get my self set up and packed then it’s off to the airport and sunny SoCal.

Think I’ll sneak home early it’s not like I can do anything work related at the moment.