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Fee for processing the fee to approve the fee paid on the fee

It seems to do this rental thing there are a lot of palms that need greasing. Since I’m not going to be in the country and I don’t have anyone local who is foolish enough to get lumbered with the chore I’m having some outfit manage my flat for me. This obviously costs and they get a cut of my rental income.

Election Special

So I did my democratic duty when I got home from work taking a walk over to the nearby polling station and discovered the reason for feeling a bit off today was due to what ever pollen occasionally gives me hay fever was out in force. So by the time I got home.

A hay fever pill some tea and a lie down later I took a look at the news.

A Date Set

So it’s been a while since I last posted mainly because not much was going on just general sorting things out tidying and trying to get agreement on moving.

Variable focus Morality

So I've been playing a second run through on dragon age rolling a dahlish elf dual wielding berserker. The most recent quest gave me the "evil" option to destroy some sacred ashes by pissing on them or something in exchange I unlock the reaver specialization class.

Turing Lecture with Light Rain, followed by PS3 with Heavy Rain

I went to the IET/BCS lecture down in london on thursday it was by Professor Christopher Bishop, chief research scientist at Microsoft Research Cambridge. It was titled "Embracing Uncertainty: The New Machine Intelligence". It was at the IET HQ down in savoy place in london a very nice building on the Thames with view of the london eye and big ben next to the savoy hotel.

Mass Effect 2

So I finished my first run through of Mass Effect 2 last night, it is a very good game Bioware have really refined their story telling technique and as always it's the characters and their often fairly nuanced stories that make it work. It's not without it's failings but it certainly is a great improvement on the orginal in almost every way.

Fable 3

I really enjoyed Fable 2 it's wonderful graphics easy to pick up mechanics and "Just have fun" design made it very enjoyable and it improved on it's predecessor in almost every way. Recently Peter Molyeneux was discussing Fable 3 at microsoft's X10 event in san francisco and it sounds like this new sequel will take the series in some interesting directions.