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Back in the UK again

So I flew back the other day, on my way through LAX I got selected for additional screening and was put in one of the new imaging machines. They zapped me with terahertz radiation for a bit and then decided I was safe. I suspect given what I’ve learnt from movies, games, and comic books this may lead to me developing super powers.

Super what?

So this weekend was the superbowl, I didn’t watch it. I’m not sure what’s super about a bowl maybe it has some good cereal in it or something. This is the second time I’ve been out during the super bowl and not watched it, when I eventually move out here I suspect it will become a tradition.

Benefits and lucky chance

One of the little perks of travelling abroad (which I guess I’ll have to give up when I move out here) is the meals. Because you are on your own away from family and friends living in a hotel room with no kitchen facilities people often take you out for a meal.

Visa Arrives

So my passport was returned a little earlier. It takes up a page in my passport and rather redundantly contains a photo of me, which my as my boss put it makes me look like a serial killer (which I guess is par for the course).

Anyway I have my licence to live and work in the US just now need to sort out a few of the in-between steps.