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Bioware are cunning bastards

The Dragon's Age character creator came out yesterday and I spent some time yesterday making potential characters in it just for a laugh. It's interesting it's given me almost nothing of the game and yet made me even more keen to play the thing just from the potential of each character.

Crooked as a two bob note

So I was off to Sea World this weekend for something to do and when I got finished parking I noticed something odd about the change I'd gotten from the guy on the gate. In amongst the ones and a five I had received in exchange for my 20 was a 2 dollar note.

Blimey That's hot

I'm in America on business and given we were spending the weekend and had no work to do we decided a jaunt to Las Vegas was in order. It's a mere 290 mile trip through scorching desert heat and since I'm not driving it's not too arduous beyond 4hrs of sitting.

A Gaming Deluge

It's been a while since there have been any big games but the past couple of weeks have had several big titles hit one after the other.

It's been nice to have some titles to get my teeth into even if it means I don't have time for other things for a week or so.

Catching up with an old friend

On the weekend I spent some time with an old friend. You know how it is when you meet up with people you've not seen for years and the passage of time is very apparent, well that'a the way this was. They'd made some changes to their appearance added some new twists to their look, but their sound samples still suffered from low bit rate compression artefacts.