DRM you just can't escape it's evil

So I've had problems in the past with DRM and buying games that then don't work because some piece of shit DRM software doesn't support the DVD drive I have or what ever and I thought a lot of these issues were in the past what with things like steam and online authentication.

So when I bought a steam copy of Risen, the new rpg from the people that did the gothic series, I was surprised when on the first run the game demanded I insert the CD. Obviously I have no CD to insert that would defeat the whole purpose of Digital Distribution if I needed a physical copy of the disk to play the downloaded game.

So it then tried to authenticate and ran me out of CD key authentication tries so I'm stuck with a game I paid money for I can't play that won't work and despite it being friday that I reported this to steam support I've yet to receive nowt from them on when they are going to fix this.

Why a game would need the disc authentication system intact when it has a full fledged online authentication system in the form of steam bolted to it is somewhat of a mystery.

It's a bit annoying having spent the last few weeks being able to only run things that were very old and supported the intel x3100 graphics chip (and even then at 800x600 or lower) to have the freedom to try new games again only to get kicked in the teeth by DRM.

It's time they realised this shit does no harm to piracy it only makes people who actually pay for stuff pissed off and more likely to pirate their games since pirate copys don't suffer these issues.

If anyone wants me I'll be in the angry dome.


This is another good example where you could have saved yourself a load of aggro (not Aggro, but aggro) by downloading the game illegally. Fuckers.

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Indeed and it isn't the first time I've experienced this paradox and while they still ship with this crap it won't be the last

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Bizarrely I was online when you were trying this... It now explains why I was getting messages every now and again saying you were playing, then exiting again...

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I know it won't be a lot of comfort, but the system worked for me, after some pain. I was surprised when it asked for the CD, but the key based activation over the net worked fine. The whole process was unnecessarily confusing and annoying though.

If it helps, the game isn't particularly great...

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I bought it because I needed something to occupy me and prevent me from sleeping. I had heard it was not that brilliant but that there was some good stuff to be had if you forgave it some flaws in its interface and graphics. Seemed ideal sort of thing to sink some half asleep hours into. As it was I used the equally flawed yet promising "we're not ripping off portal well enough" Twin Sector and a touch of anno 1404.

No word from steam support yet on a fix.

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Got a response from steam which basically boiled down to "fuck off and die we don't offer support on third party titles talk to the people who made it loser!"

Which was not the way I read their "help me" faq

Still in the mean time the authentication system has been patched and now works so it will run

Man the combat in that game is unforgiving with no skill upgrades and basic weapons I get eaten alive by the wildlife if I don't have a gajillion health potions and crazy luck. The quest log is a bit crap too it very rarely indicates what the hell you have to do next. Anyway did most of the stuff in the harbour town to earn the orders favor so I could become a mage not spent any level points so I can sink it all into kick arse spells. Toddled over to the monestary and as yet I've not been offered anything magical just got my head smashed in with a staff and got one of the teachers drunk. It's junior school all over again ... :D

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Hmm it takes a bloody long time to get magic in this game you have to get all the way to chapter 2 before you get anything

course since I spent no points on any other skills I now have a fireball spell that reduces most things to ash in two shots and I recon I can upgrade it again if I get more money for training.

The begining of this game might have been easier if I'd taken a more ballanced approach to leveling ie spent some of my points on improved combat skills rather than running around drinking health potions constantly to keep from dying like I had some sort habit.

The graphics in this game are nothing special though it does have it's moments last night I was wandering through the island coming back to the monastery which is set high up on a mountain and it was chucking it down complete with thundering and lightning plus it was night time. Every now and again the lightning would kick off and illuminate the Gothic monastery in the distance and then fade out again it was superbly atmospheric.

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I had a similar issue with the EA digital distro for Warhammer online... suffice to say the game was not worth the hassle of the install and authentication process.

Regarding Steam, i get a message every time i load up FM2009 with some key or other for "online multiplayer " or somesuch. The warning specifically states that if i elect to i can tick a box to close the message and never get it again. Having no idea what i'd use the code for I have so far avoided that option and instead enjoy seeing a pointless message interrupting my fm startup.

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