Bioware are cunning bastards

The Dragon's Age character creator came out yesterday and I spent some time yesterday making potential characters in it just for a laugh. It's interesting it's given me almost nothing of the game and yet made me even more keen to play the thing just from the potential of each character.

I have to say the character models look wonderful. The way it then uses the character model to make the little character picture that will likely sit in the party control is also nice and the fact you can have them pulling a ridiculous crazy person expression if you like is a nice touch.

Given the propensity for ingame cinematics these days that utilise your ingame avatar, having the ability to make your character look like a nutter and yet no one says a word is always a laugh. Dead rising and Saints row 2 are good examples of this.

I've been looking forward to Dragon's age for a while and every new snipped of info has just made it more appealing. All in all It'll be good to have a decent old school RPG to get stuck into.

Now which of the handlebar moustache options to use on my mage.


I've been playing with it myself... it is an ace way to get people into the game before it comes out.

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