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Wii Ware Games

Nintendo have recently started doing their equivalent to xbox live arcade or playstation network which they have titled wii ware. They have of course been doing virtual console for ages or as I like to think of it selling our otherwise worthless back catalogue to people who may already own it.

Really racking up those airmiles

I've done a fair amount of flying this year. I've been round the world once on my own money with byrn and am doing pretty good on the company by almost immediately heading back to southern California after getting back from the world trip. Now on the theme of a bit beyond a joke I've got to fly out to the US again for at least a week and I only got back from the last trip a week ago.

Here's to the new job same as the old job

So I started in a new position at work today, I was supposed to start last week but due to having to fly out to the US on short notice I was doing other things instead. Ostensibly I will be working for sales as the companies new (and at the moment only) Software Applications Engineer (or self addressed envelope) for EMEA (which is Europe, the Middle East and Africa but mainly just Europe).

Trust no one, Report everything, Suspect everyone

You will probably by now have been subjected to the huge number of paranoid ravings on the radio tv and now as part of a poster campaign (http://www.met.police.uk/campaigns/campaign_ct_2008.htm) about terrorism and how we must all spy on our neighbours and report them no mater what since we aren't to know what is suspect and what is not.