Really racking up those airmiles

I've done a fair amount of flying this year. I've been round the world once on my own money with byrn and am doing pretty good on the company by almost immediately heading back to southern California after getting back from the world trip. Now on the theme of a bit beyond a joke I've got to fly out to the US again for at least a week and I only got back from the last trip a week ago. This will put me at something like 50k miles travelled in a little under 9 weeks of elapsed time. To steal a dave gorman joke that gives me an average speed of 32mph.

And I hate flying. But I also hate the environment so that balances out.


At this rate they are gonna have to consider getting you a flat out there!

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Good god. Is this likely to be the norm or is the shit hitting the fan at the moment?

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Sorry to hear they're leaning on you again, mate, but what can I say? It's the price you pay for competency.

Not something I suffer from, thankfully.

Good luck, and hope you get to come home sometime this year. :)

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It isn't usually the norm I've had to fly out maybe 3 times in a year to two different customers but it is very much dependant on whether the shit hit's the fan.

To top it all the weather here is lousy it was raining this morning which is almost unheard of in these parts. The bloody hire car once again has no rear wiper.

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You've got the right tech for all this travel? PSP, DS, laptop etc?

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I'm in the process of blagging a company 3G card with SIM for my laptop. I can't see that being abused at all :-D

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I do indeed have psp ds laptop mp3 player noise cancelling headphones and trousers with lots of pockets to cart most of that around.

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Bah two hours before I was due to head to the airport they demanded I stay till tuesday and the US office caved even though there is no good engineering reason for me to be here. I tried to fall back on the "I don't have any of the details of my flight booking so I can't change it" gambit but it didn't work.

Well the other engineer here and his girlfriend took me down to Laguna beach to the Brussels Belgian Bistro which had some very nice beer, good food, and good company so it softened the blow a bit.

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Of course I got back to the hotel to find it was host to a furries convention.

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HAHAHAHAAHA! EMW, you just can't write it!

EMW, would you be up for Eurovision, old boy? Will you be back by then?

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Your photo's from phase 2 will make for interesting viewing this time then.

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I should be flying back tuesday assuming all goes to plan and they don't throw another wobbly. So I should be vaguely awake and cogent by saturday. Eurovision was good fun last year so yeah assuming I'm in the right country I'd be up for that.

I didn't take any pictures of califur 08, I did notice that there were a few weddings on at the same time. I wonder a bit about that some brides "special day" and there's some fat guy in a anthropomorphic cat suit who gets the wrong room.

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If you need a place to kip, EMW, I think we can put you up for the night.

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That would be super if you have the room, it will mean I don't have to be sober :D

I notice the new Indiana jones is out that weekend too, maybe a sunday film trip would be in order

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