Benefits and lucky chance

One of the little perks of travelling abroad (which I guess I’ll have to give up when I move out here) is the meals. Because you are on your own away from family and friends living in a hotel room with no kitchen facilities people often take you out for a meal.

Last night I was treated to a meal at Houstons a very nice restaurant that does a wonderful Hawaiian rib eye, tomorrow I’m  booked in for a meal at the gulf stream which does wonderful seafood and ribs that are to die for also located in Newport beach plastic surgery capital of the world so loaded with identikit blondes.

So not having anything on for tonight I looked around for local eateries. There is a local shopping complex (the spectrum) which is pretty good but I found something a little closer to my hotel. There is within walking distance ( a phrase very rarely applied to anywhere in california where you are lucky to find pavements at all let alone going where you want them to) a McCormick and Schmicks seafood restaurant a wonderful little chain that myself and Byrn enjoyed a great deal on our stop in Sacramento and I have frequented in the past when I was in Boston. A place that specialises in fresh fish changing it’s menu to match what the catch of the day is. This one was especially good as it contained its own micro brewery the product of which I heartily sampled.

I tucked in to a delicious salad and then some seared Ahi tuna washing it down with some micro brew and a margarita. All the while served by an attractive blonde dressed in that odd american style where even respectable restaurants dress their female waiting staff like they are showgirls on break.

With such a fine restaurant practically on my doorstep it’ll be hard to choose other eateries but one thing that is good about this part of the world is there is no lack of good places to eat.

With a fine meal and several drinks under my belt I hopefully will get a decent nights sleep to get more on the right timezone. The past two nights I’ve been woken by the hotel alarm clock being set to make static noises at 5 am and last night an estate agent from the UK who phoned me at 1:50 to see how things were going. All in all not that conducive for quality rest.