Fallout 76: Multiplayer Fallout

So lots of stuff coming out of E3 at the moment like Hitman 2 Anthem cyberpunk 2077 and so on. One of them is Fallout 76 the first multiplayer game in the fallout universe.

Bethesda have been teasing the game for the past month but did their first announcement with proper details and gameplay this sunday.

Here's a summary of the details given in that presentation

Dev Log #13 - Be free of the grid

Throughout my career, I have found myself repeating the following mantra:

Don't build an engine in an engine. Use the engine.

If you need a way to have a flexible schema in SQL, implement SQL CREATE/INSERT COLUMN etc. If you need a series of page that follow one after another then use ASP.NET with HTML hyperlinks, don't build another engine inside it.

Dev Log #12 - Build Menu and the perception of progress

I can understand why people do simple 2D menu systems. They're much easier and effective. If I was starting again then I probably would not have gone down the 3D menu route. I could bin it but I am still learning loads from it, so I am going to persevere.

Here is a montage of "not quite right" videos that chart where I was at the end of last week:

Dev Log #10 A tale of scale, death and UI

The more I played, the more I realised that the physics felt off. Everything looked like toys bobbing around in the bath. I played with gravity and mass settings and got some hilarious results but I wanted the Cloudships to feel like they had heft. One of the things that really struck me were the cannon balls. They moved too fast, which made the scale look odd.

Dev Log #9 - Collisions and Epic Battles

Unity uses state machines for controlling NPCs. I have two states on the enemy at the moment: if the player is a long way away then keep on your course, if the player is close the steer RIGHT AT IT!

That's not a very interesting bit of AI but it helps to test a whole range of things, including collision. Unity uses low poly collision meshes that are generated from your models automatically, which saved me a ton of work.

Dev Log #8 - Compass and EOT

I didn't want players to hold own W all the time. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels the strain after a day of pressing W to go forward! You now tap WS to increase/decrease thrust and the EOT moves along in time. The compass turns along with the camera (clamped to North) and the green arrow shows the track over the ground... although it doesn't seem to take into account camera angle - so I'll fix that next.

Also, the controller doesn't cast a shadow (thanks EMW).