Divorce! (Or life, don't talk to me about life)

In advance of the wedding of the year (again gratz Pete, definitely looking forward to it), it's probably a good idea to lay out where I'm at, save having to explain it on the day.

So as it goes Jayne and I have separated. Not gonna lie, wasn't my choice and I'm a pretty good distance from happy about the whole deal. Never the less, I'm not distraught either. I get why it's gone the way it has and tbh there's not a damn thing I'd change, so there it is.

In terms of the practical shit, we're still living together for now and getting on just fine as mates. I'm quite comfortable talking about the whole deal, but I figured that it would be better not being news on the day... So... Objective achieved!


Well... shit. I see you're at maximum levels of stoicism about it. I am not sure I'd be able to be the same. Were there any cliches delivered?

2018 is turning a bit shit. Can we just roll back to before Brexit and see if we can fucking sort out these years second time around?

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Ach, yeah. I'm sure there have been a few. Overall it's been relatively painless, but it is shaping up to be rather expensive.

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Untangling a shared life must be a massive fucking ballache. Even low key splitting up from past gfs has been complex; christ knows the epic levels of ballache and heartache you're going through.

Respect mate. Kettle's always on.

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Kettle's always on

I've some up with a remarkably simple way of reducing your electricity bill!


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We'll be using the savings from smart meters to support his kettle habit. It's all good.

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Sorry to hear that mate, as always, if there's anything I can do just say the word.

Rob's kettle probably explains why it was quite so humid a few weeks back I guess...

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