playing with multiplayer in Godot

Did a little test of the multiplayer systems in godot surprisingly easy to get something basic going

made a little tank game

I've not coded the damage part and just used inbuilt objects and some basic crappy gui stuff
the bullets are just physics objects so when they hit things they not only impart some force to the object but also ricochet off wildly without doing any damage

This is of course just running locally on the same machine so not sure if it would hold up in real world conditions but this is more test bed code trying out the feature than anything I would take further


Superb! I was reading up on Unity MP and it's best to put it in at the start of the project (reasonable) and then you partition the code correctly so that the update engine can be run on a server and then the engine takes care of a lot of it. Dealing with lag is a perennial problem as there isn't a generic solution that just works for all games.

How easy is it to run a server?

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pretty easy it's all high level taking care of the details of exactly what connection and packet type to use based on what it can manage and what you tell it (reliable vs unreliable etc) it is surprisingly little code to setup

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