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Random Guilt

When I checked my wallet yesterday I had thirty quid in there. That in itself is not overly shocking, however it was the same thrity quid I'd taken out on Friday


One of the main things I've been getting used to since moving into Southwood six months ago is the longer commute into the office. Time-wise its not a huge difference from the old place in Tilehurst, however distance wise its a fair chunk more, and due to the vagaries of road layout the other side of the M4, its a bit indirect as well.

Hellrunner - Trail Running 101

This Saturday I did my first ever competitive off-road running race, a little event called HellRunner down at Longmoor Army Camp. For the un-initiated, trail running is a form of hardcore cross-country. Not only do you get the footpaths and small ditches, you also get steep climbs, water obstacles and other general things that more sane people will simply walk round.

The alluring whiff of gloss paint

As you may or may not know, I had the last week off work. I promised myself that I'd spend a few days bumming around and generally recharging my batteries, and then get to work on finishing off the games room (or second bedroom as probably everyone else would refer to it). After a few days of frenzied (well, moderate) activity the decorating part of it is done, much to my relief.

The CockGoblin Awards

I'd like to dedicate this post to all the fucktards out there. A proper idiot, one with a true lack of class that puts them head and shoulder below the rest of humanity, has a completely misplaced pride in their in-eptitude and stupidity. They go beyond mere ignorance, and off into the realms of vanity in stupidity. The internet was invented for such people.

Pete on Board

First job is to start tweaking all the settings as we did on the test site. I'll use this post, and the comments herewithin to track what I've done, to give someone else a hope in hell of fixing anything I screw up.