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Summer Running

I've been a bit lax since the half marathon, and my mileage has dropped right off. Joining Reading Roadrunners has made me realise just how much I need to do in order to meet my own targets. My weekly mileage is about half what it needs to be, and my weight is slowly, slowly creeping up.

Two minutes less...

Like a complete idiot I ran the Reading Half again yesterday. as you may remember last year I just missed my target time of 1 hour 30, by a measley 12 seconds. I know it doesn't sound like much, but there is a big mental thing about the 90 minute barrier on half-marathons

A post of two halves

As I was filtering through the inordinate amount of spam and crap I get in my inbox this morning, I spotted an email offering a reduced entry into the Windsor half-marathon in September. Before I realised it I was starting to complete the info and dig out my card. I managed to stop just in time...after all, I have New Year Resolutions to keep...

Random Guilt

When I checked my wallet yesterday I had thirty quid in there. That in itself is not overly shocking, however it was the same thrity quid I'd taken out on Friday


One of the main things I've been getting used to since moving into Southwood six months ago is the longer commute into the office. Time-wise its not a huge difference from the old place in Tilehurst, however distance wise its a fair chunk more, and due to the vagaries of road layout the other side of the M4, its a bit indirect as well.