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Aching Legs

Roadrunners has turned a bit brutal in the last couple of weeks... As we move into autumn the distance we are doing is going up, as apparently races over the winter months tend to be longer. We've been handed into the care of a new trainer, who apparently does over 100 miles running a week! At the moment I'm impressed if I clock up over 20 by comparison...

Horse-based Hilarity

OK, the modern Paentathlon is possibly the most inspired event at the olympics!.

Lets take a bunch of people who have probably never even seen a horse before, pair them up randomly with a feisty equine, and then make them showjump. the end result...?


Times Change...

Someone has just forwarded me an email conversation from 2006, just before I started going to the gym...

The gym thing is actually a plan to give me more time, as I've sort of hit a critical threshold of un-healthiness where I feel tired all the time.

Obscure Sports Quarterly...

I love the Olympics. You'll never see archery televised anywhere else, outside of films about men in green tights. I also love the BBC, who'se iPlayer allows me to watch it live on a laptop right now, at work. As I type this, serious men in big sunglasses are showing that target who's boss (It's Korea vs China).

Finishing touches

The rest of the bonus was spent this weekend pretty much. On Saturday we went round the various garden centres in and about Reading, and managed to hunt down some decent garden furniture. I've ended up with a large wooden table, 4 armchairs and a large blue parasol. Alongside that there is a blue charcoal barbecue (gas is cheating!), and covers for winter/bad weather.

Fiddling with IJY

There are lots of little tweaks I'd like to do to IJY, however it's rapidly turning out that it would probably involve a fairly hefty re-write, and some things also seem to be set against me.

Coming together...

Fingers crossed the garden should be completed tonight. I'll be out of work at 4pm sharp, and dashing home to see what the final result is! Once that's done, there is still a fair chunk of work that needs doing, and as all my weekends seem to vanish into the ether, I've taken some time off next week to try and get everything done.