Vast Expense

The next phase in doing up the house, and probably the most expensive one, is the bathroom. Over summer I went round a couple of places, and was given quotes in the ballpark of £6,000 to refit the place (which , given that the room is 4 square metres, can be considered a lot of money).

I've now gotten the money together, and I've spent the last couple of weeks going through various shops and brochures looking for my idea bathroom within that space (of course, ideally my bathroom would require a supply station halfway across, and the design would take into account the curvature of the earth). Tomorrow the builders (the same guys who did the garden, cracking chaps) are coming over to quote the work... The big question is how much am I going to be hit for. A brief list of the work can be found here.

There are a couple of big bits in there...resizing the window, and underfloor heating are bound to be big. I've had a rough quote on the electrics already, and that's about £1000! The suite is going to cost about £1000 as well (those curved glass screens are very expensive), and the tiling is not exactly discount either. I've gone for a natural slate floor, which should give it a very posh feel (especially given it will probably burn your feet!).

It's one of the areas that I don't dare risk myself. Plumbing and electrics are bad enough by themselves...combine them and you're pretty much assured of death if you don't know what you are doing...


Gonna be a nice bathroom!

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Funky and loving the 3D, it brings it to life. It's not a room you must use that much given that you always showing the gym, I suppose the disruption isn't going to be that bad.

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Regarding the 3D - thats actually a tool freely available on the B&Q website, and it puts the shit MFI try and fob off onto you to shame. I've got a folder here with floorplans, a shopping list, and sample accessories (shelves etc), hopefully enough for the builders to get to work on, and accurately quote on as well. The only thing I fucked up was decent photos of the tiles (from Topps, whose webite and catalogue is shit). I have the names, but not decent colour samples.

Disruption will be virtually nil. Not only do I normally shower at the gym or at Gill's (and add in the swimming pool come Tuesday), I also have the downstairs loo available. The ultimate plan would be to have the work done while I'm in Devon in a couple of weeks time! My only real concern is that I've added in some rather expensive bits (the window resize, slate floor, underfloor heating), and the final bill is going to be HUGE!.

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Update 1: The builders Gary and Tim were round last night. They are happy with all the plans, and will be coming back with aquote on Monday. In the meantime this morning I have bought the tiles (which are heavy!) and slate for the floor, and ordered the bathroom suite, which will be delivered in the next 7-10 days.

Quite handily, the work will start when I'm away on holiday, so there is a good chance I'll head off to Devon, and come back to a partially finished bathroom!

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Update 2: The quote is in, and its acceptable. The window is going to need a scaffolding tower, so its probably just as well I'm not going to be around. The suite arrives on Tuesday, and will sit in the dining room area until I head off on Saturday.

As a quick warning to the Twilight Imperium bunch, we might be using the downstairs bathroom, as I'm not sure on when it will all be finished. I'll have a better idea when I get back...

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Update 3: The B&Q delivery arrived today, and now fills up the most part of my living room. I've also had the plasterer and electrician round to survey the site. The plasterer has pointed out that the roof is bowed (enough so that even I can see it)...the result of wide roof joists and thin plasterboard. The end result is that it will have to come down, extra supports put in, and new, thicker plasterboard put up (otherwise it will just warp again, and fuck the plaster). Yay for extra cost! the electrician had no such tidings, and was happy with everything asked for (well, he didn't scream and faint anyway!)

Other than that it's all progressing to schedule at the moment...

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You mean ceiling, not roof, right? Ceiling of the bathroom, not the roof of the house? Even with the bowing ceiling, that's not going to affect the timescales at all? Nice!

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Yes, Ceiling (I always get those mixed up...). Hopefully shouldn't affect the timescales too much. There was going to be a rip-out stage anyway, and the ceiling was going to be plastered. I doubt an extra step of pinning up new plasterboard will take that long...

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