Getting things done

It's been a busy few weeks. As I mentioned last time I've been arranging to get my bathroom done. I got in the same chaps who did the garden, and arranged that they would start while I was off on holiday with Gill to Devon. She has already done a rather good write-up on the week, though I should probably mention the Commando Challenge, which I did last Sunday. This was a 7 mile jaunt around the Royal Marine Endurance course in Exeter. It consisted of a 2 mile road run (quite hilly), followed by 3 miles off-road, taking in a number of crawl tunnels, water obstacles, bogs and mud. I ran with Harry (a lad from work, who also does Road Runners), and his mate Nick. You can see some of the photos on you can see it's fairly muddy stuff. We came in 8th around the course, which is all fairly awesome.

The bathroom is currently half-done...lots of stuff needed to be done with the entire infrastructure of the room (plumbing, electrics, walls, ceiling and floor) the bath, some tiles, the lights and some of the plumbing is in, as well as a fairly hilarious window at the moment...again, there are photos of work in progress. Hopefully it should be finished by Tuesday/Wednesday this week. Alongside this, I've put up some display cabinets in the games room, of an Ikea ilk. I'm quite proud of the lighting system I've managed to squeeze into them :-)

Swimming-wise, I've had 2 lessons so far, and have backed this up with a handful of lanes sessions. My technique has improved on the front crawl, and I have the basics of a breathing pattern, though my stamina is still atrocious (after 2 lengths I'm utterly blown). That's going to take practice, and getting more comfortable in the water...


I like your muddy beard at the end of the run. I've done wet assault courses with the cadets before. The duck-and-swim-under-2-metres-of-muddy water is harsh. You end up with a gob of mud whatever you do. I didn't have to run, tho.

The bathroom is coming along very nicely, I'm looking forward to coming over for a squint when it's done. :)

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Fingers crossed the bathroom should be pretty much done tomorrow...then I just need to get in there with a paintbrush to add some colour to the walls (which will take no time at all...). It's all looking rather nice, and the tile floor went down yesterday!

As far as "stupid running" is concerned, I've signed up for something really rather daft. it's called Tough Guy, which consists of a 12-14k cross country run, followed by a number of fairly severe obstacles. By severe I mean electrocution, fire, freezing water, diving from heights, and possibly death.

Did I mention it's in winter?

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Tough Guy or stupid guy?

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There is very little distinction between the two.

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Also, if you call yourself Tough Guy, isn't that one of the archetypes of the Gay Exchange adverts?

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I think general opinion is that I couldn't get much gayer without chowing down on cock. I've given up any hope of ever being a manly man, and resigned myself to skipping round in tights, and enjoying cooking.

I mean, FFS, I've spent the last month agonising over bathroom colour schemes!

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