Hooray for system resiliance or a lack thereof

So it turns out my company's plan for server failures is to turn the whole shebang (sp) off for a few hours... As it's already 15:30 this probably means I won't be doing anything remotely productive for the rest of the day. I'd surf the web but I imagine our internet pipe maybe a bit busy what with every member of staff simultaneously hitting the BBC site...

Twitter Woes

Been doing a little fiddling to last night, and noticed that was down...

I've redone so that rather than having to deal with backend security myself, now I use a number of high profile online services, and instead pull in the content from them into a single "digital footprint". The end result is that my page is currently dependant on;

    It can't be good for you...

    Roadrunners last night, and another really hard session. It was touted as a "bleep test for endurance running", and it really did work out like that. We had to do 400 metre laps, with a 60 second recovery between each one. You started at your 10k pace (so a 1.38 lap for me) and then each subsequent lap had to be 2 seconds faster...

    Summer Running

    I've been a bit lax since the half marathon, and my mileage has dropped right off. Joining Reading Roadrunners has made me realise just how much I need to do in order to meet my own targets. My weekly mileage is about half what it needs to be, and my weight is slowly, slowly creeping up.

    Back to School

    Most of you are aware that the word "brief" could accurately be used to describe my university experience previously. Other good words that could be used with equal accuracy are "stoned", "pissed" and "Championship Manager". I don't think I ever really gave it a good enough go and that has bugged me ever since.

    Really racking up those airmiles

    I've done a fair amount of flying this year. I've been round the world once on my own money with byrn and am doing pretty good on the company by almost immediately heading back to southern California after getting back from the world trip. Now on the theme of a bit beyond a joke I've got to fly out to the US again for at least a week and I only got back from the last trip a week ago.

    Here's to the new job same as the old job

    So I started in a new position at work today, I was supposed to start last week but due to having to fly out to the US on short notice I was doing other things instead. Ostensibly I will be working for sales as the companies new (and at the moment only) Software Applications Engineer (or self addressed envelope) for EMEA (which is Europe, the Middle East and Africa but mainly just Europe).