Aching Legs

Roadrunners has turned a bit brutal in the last couple of weeks... As we move into autumn the distance we are doing is going up, as apparently races over the winter months tend to be longer. We've been handed into the care of a new trainer, who apparently does over 100 miles running a week! At the moment I'm impressed if I clock up over 20 by comparison...

We have 6 weeks of his routines, followed by another 6 weeks of cross-country training. Last nights session was vicious;

  1. Do a 2 mile run at a good pace (6.40min miles for me)
  2. Do 3-4 sets of 8 laps of track (2 miles), and 3 minute rest at 10k pace (about 1.36min laps)
  3. Die

I managed 3 and a half of the reps...I could have probably finished the fourth one, however I would have been the only guy left at the track. It's a bad sign when your track session is longer than your long run, and it's a big eye-opener that I need to start upping my mileage. I'm currently doing about 7-8 miles on a Monday, and about 5 on Friday. I think I need to start adding to both of these, with a final aim of 14-15 on Monday and 7-8 on least! Add that to the equivalent of 9-10 at Roadrunner, and I'll be over 30 miles a week at least...still short of the 40 that most people recommend, but far better than currently.

The big issue is that the Friday run is probably going to have to be before work, and I'm not exactly the best morning person in the world. I'm trying to get into the habit of doing a 1 hour workout on Friday morning before work, however I'm moving buildings next week, and won't have a gym in the office anymore, which means getting my arse to Rivers, and working out there instead. On the plus side the changing rooms are better there!

If I can manage to fit in Fridays morning session it gives me the potential to add in other morning sessions, and hopefully start breaking me out of my early-doors lethargy...