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Incremental Improvements in print quality

So after my bike ride last night I ran up the makerbot and began experimenting with the settings in skeinforge according to some helpful guides someone had put up recently. Skeinforge is a very powerful bit of software that can take an STL model and slice it into layers for the makerbot to build but it’s also something of a enigma in terms of user friendlyness.

A Series of Unplanned Upgrades

I’ve been playing with my makerbot off and on but mainly adding various new bits of hardware to it. When I got the kit I ordered it with the heated build platform but at the time I wasn’t getting good enough prints out of the thing to feel it worth the effort of building and installing the thing.

PAX Day 3

I woke fairly late on day three something like 10am. The sunday is probably the wind down day of PAX there were few events I wanted to look into and I planned to spend the day on the convention floor.

PAX day 2

I woke up early then slept in till 9 checking the Twitter feed there was still space at the main hall so I headed over. I joined the queue and waited and after a few hours got into the place for the PA make a strip panel.

PAX Day one

I flew down on the Thursday the flight was packed and probably had more than its fair share of PAX goers.
Got into Seattle late and took the light rail into town which worked quite well. The hotel was nice pretty fancy I had some food and crashed.

Kihncert 2010

So in my series of concerts the next was Kihncert 2010 put on by the local classic rock station KFOX with one of their Djs and musician Greg Kihn as the front man.

It was down at shoreline a huge amphitheatre near mountain view. My seat was pretty good a little close to the stage for comfort due to the sound pressure level but not actually painful.