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Lack Of MC rolls out

So I popped in and started a motorcycle club bought the cheapest club house which is up in the mountains nice location but not very convenient I might look at swapping to somewhere down town

So new modes the motorcycle gang has positions and I assume I recruit in people assign them to some sort of role and perhaps there are privaligaes to those roles not sure yet

it has some elements like vip with missions you can run in private sessions and then a second mode that only functions in public games

Mojang account compromised

Got an email this morning saying my mojang account had been comprimised and they'd reset the password. Beight a suspicious type I ignored the provided link and went to their site manually and it seemed that my account had been locked I reset the password and was able to access it again.

The email they sent said something about them not having been hacked and basically saying if this happened I must have entered my mojang login details into some dodgy site which isn't the case so has me a bit worried.

Overwatch: my thoughts

So Overwatch is the new big game from Blizzard the first title they've produced that wasn't a wow or starcraft spin off for some huge number of years, too busy counting their piles of money I guess.

It's terrific fun.

I suppose I should qualify that a bit :)

This month I have been mostly playing

So thought I would go over some things I've been enjoying of late

Hitman: World of Assassinations
Latest version of the hitman franchise and now episodic with new "episodes" coming monthly which wasn't well communicated as the first time I played it I got to the end of the first playable area the paris fashion show and went "is that it where the hell is the rest of the game?"

The current panic on drones near airports

There has been a spate of incidents where the various news outlets have someone flying a drone (insert stock picture of a dji phantom 2 here) within feet of an aircraft!

Unless they've suddenly stopped making aircraft out of aircraft grade aluminium and decided to start using paper a drone is not going to bring down a jet airliner. If it hits its props will snap and it will plummet out of the sky.

Great Games I've Played Recently

There have been a lot of great games popping up recently some big names others not so much and with a load more on the horizon I thought I'd do a little roundup before I forget.

Rebel Galaxy:
I think of this as Firefly the game it's basically redneck elite. You fly about a colourful space universe trading mining shooting(either good/milita or bad/pirates) etc your way along upgrading your ship with bigger and better equipment then bigger and better ships all to a cowboy rock soundtrack.