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Back in the USSSSA

So I got my Visa and got back to the US not without some drama. The visa turned up on monday about 4 hours after they promised it would appear but given it had been quite snowy and traffic hard I was willing to forgive that it also meant I was back from darkest Suffolk after Fishcon to receive my passport in person which required no form of ID.

Ode to Skyrim

Ah the elder scrolls games I have been looking forward to it ever since Notch announced it in march of this year ... oh wait wrong scrolls.

Anyway I've played 4 of the 7 Elder scrolls games (though only five of them have numbers the other two were The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard an early 3rd person action game and An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire)

All Change

So quite out of the blue I find myself with a new job.

What happened was the company I currently work for sold off their UK design center (which was originally the company I first joined years and years ago that got bought out a few years back) to another company who make things like SSD’s as part of that I got moved over.

One Year On

It’s been just over a year now since I moved out here to live in California and given the anniversary I figured some time in reflection would be in order.

Back in black

PLA proved a lot of trouble it tended to jam the extruder once to the extent I had to dismantle it. Also getting quality objects out of it was difficult the retained heat proved to be a problem in that objects would stay hot enough to be flexible far longer than with ABS and thus deform while building.