Lack Of MC rolls out

So I popped in and started a motorcycle club bought the cheapest club house which is up in the mountains nice location but not very convenient I might look at swapping to somewhere down town

So new modes the motorcycle gang has positions and I assume I recruit in people assign them to some sort of role and perhaps there are privaligaes to those roles not sure yet

it has some elements like vip with missions you can run in private sessions and then a second mode that only functions in public games

I did a couple of the misions they can only be triggered from the clubhouse which is a bit annoying there are a couple of deathmatch and challenge modes you can do from the interaction menu

So far I've done 2 missions a safe crack where I had to go to a place in stab city then break into a safe while biker chicks attacked me then make of with the cash. Not a great payout ($7500) but I think these missions may well scale with players second mission I did was a arms deal I had to take out a gang that had landed a titan full of guns on the beach then load that stuff into a van and drive it to a drop off. Thus was more lucrative at 18000.

I couldn't do the third mission it said I needed more people

There is a much greater emphasis on having more players working as a team and there are benefits to riding as a gang with better health regen and some other things it flashed at me.

Not tired the other public session mode the cheapest business you could buy was 600K and I only had 100k left after buying the club

I look forward to seeing what it's like when we play together it seems to have more a of a group feel with tracking of things like total money earned total kills missions run etc


If we join Lack Of MC, can we spend money on it?

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The reason I ask is that I've saved up a bit and don't really want to start my own club if I can put into the shared one. I really hope that's what it is!

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I don't know maybe

The membership thing is a series of portraits on the wall of the club I'm hoping that's persistant rather than the vip thing that is just of convenience

It looks like the motorcycle club on it's own doesn't convey benefits like being a ceo does at least as far as I can tell so far the missions you can do solo are worse payout than vip and the rest of it seems to require 'a gang' to make them work not sure about the properties part of it yet

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I did some earning with vip missions got 600k then spent 100k on the nightblade but I suspect I'll have the 700k I need to try investing one of the cheaper businesses for the weekend it looks from the few videos I've seen like you do multiple stages in the business a setup a stocking of product and then selling the stuff and there seems to be upgrades to the businesses and some sort of processing involved not really sure there are scant few details on how it actually works just some streams of people fucking about without really knowing what they are doing

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Yeah, the lack of details is frustrating. This Sunday we can see if I can put money into the system and if not, I'll use it to buy a bike.

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I've started window shopping for bikes! The Man has a bunch of videos showing all the upgrades. Also, I found this ace Reddit Spreadsheet of all the vehicle stats.

I'm thinking about either Western Nightblade:

Or the Shitzu Defiler:

The defiler being waaaaaaaaaaaaay more expensive.

Which bike will you get?

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Not going for the faggio mod?

I've picked up a nightblade in classic black not customised it at all it was a 100k so not all that pricey and is supposedly 3rd fastest bike (defiler is 2nd)
there is also the drag bike that is supposedly now the fastest vehicle in the game (they nerfed one of the super cars which previously was the fastest) but it is a million bucks

They seem to have made some changes to the waypoint system too it used to be in headhunter you could get a waypoint to the next closest target in the interaction menu they've removed that now

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Another good source of info on the performance of various vehicles is broughy1322's channel he does speed trials of all the vehicle types to see what's fastest with defined track like for like

his stuff is focused around what's fastest in races so it takes into account things like the handling rather than just raw speed as some of the really fast cars don't corner very well so in a race that has any turns are outpaced by some of the other vehicles. Not sure if he's gone through the new bikes yet.

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The faggio is hilarious and I'm sorely tempted to trick that fecker out but it's slow. Sooooo slow. Even when you've modded the tits off it, then everyone else will be arriving way before you.

Having thought about it, I think I'm going Nightblade too. The Defiler is cool but it's too bloody expensive for not a huge amount of benefit. I see that it comes in black, that will save me some money. I'll need a new outfit too, which I hope Kate will help me with.

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I may be missing something (perhaps having actually looked at the bikes...) but I don't understand the Nightblade given the Akuma is basically better in terms of numbers, and 9% the price...

Not that I already own one...

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The nightblade has more customisation the newer bikes have a huge number of modifications you can do to them (mostly cosmetic naturally) that the older bikes don't have

In other news the details on how the businesses work is filtering down you set them up you stock them they process stuff in the mean time then you do selling missions on the product and either pay for new materials or do a stealing mission to get them for free

So you can be running say vip or mc missions earning cash and the businesses tick over in the background leading to payouts later.

You also have to defend the businesses from periodic raids and things like that.

Sounds like it should be fun you can setup multiple businesses one of each type and have them run in parallel

Also having situated the MC club out in the middle of nowhere may be adventageous (beyond it being cheaper and supposedly bigger than the los santos versions) the business out in paleto bay and sandy shores supposedly have higher payouts as you are running things into the city rather than out of it so the risk is higher so they've scaled the reward acordingly

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Still have no idea how the on bike melee combat works I've tried the usual buttons with a melee weapon equipped and nothing happens

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I came across this in a new race mode. It was hold X on the keyboard the mouse L & R to hit.

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ah wonder what it is on joypads

in other news I ran a bit of the new public session jobs seems like its not a great way to make money unless maybe you have all the business running in parallel and all the upgrades

even then I think just running vip's is still the best money making scheme

It's probably more fun than crates as it has a few different objectives you need to keep the business stocked up you can do this by paying (boring) or stealing (free product :D) the stealing missions are varied you have to go somewhere usually kill the people or in one case where it was the cops drive round with a wanted rating for some period of time till the drugs showed up then steal them hightail it back to the business

then the business slowly converts raw material into sellable product. The weed seems to not be that good profit wise you can get more money if you sell it further away but not a lot more. I had maybe 1/5 of the total converted product (25k) and sold that for 40K which gave me a mission driving a rubbish truck dropping off bundles of drugs at various points in los santos

from a investment of time vs money it's not as good as vips and since you can't run them in parrallel it can't be a background task while the vip missions recharge. With multiple businesses I can see you might be able to make more cash farming them keep each topped up with resources then do a sell mission on each one when they fill up

I think it could be more fun than the ceo crate missions especially with a group of you and you could do soem of the mc club missions to pass some time but I don't think it's going to be the big money method.

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@Byrn, it's not about the money, it's about the style. But to be fair you don't need one.

Riding in formation with EMW and Fish, even with the lag on that particular instance, was bloody good fun and the armour/health bonus made up for all the falling-off when EMW took a sharp turn. There's not much point in going faster than the gang. Also, the expensive upgrades didn't add much to the bike. My upgraded Nightblade wasn't that much better than EMW's stock one.

I really don't care about the money-for-time aspect. I'm more interested in the laugh, getting paid just unlocks more trousers.

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