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More mid-week Racing

Last night was my third sprint triathlon of the year. For this one we decided to try a different organisational company called Human Race, who are doing a monthly series sponsored by 220 Triathlon Magazine. They have a good reputation (and also organise the big Windsor Triathlon).

Stupid Hobbies

After having survived a couple of sprint triathlons in the last couple of months I decided (with a bit of encouragement) to have a go at an olymic distance triathlon. In terms of time and distance it's a big step-up from Sprint distance to Olympic...well, double everything in fact. The distances involved would be a 1.5km swim, a 40km bike ride, and a 10k run.

Halfway House

Nearly halfway through the year, which is more than a little scary. Time to see how the New Year Resolutions are shaping up...

1) Regain running fitness after injury.

a Change of Tempo

The Reading Half is finally out of the way. By my standards it didn't go too well, with a finishing time of 1 hour and 33 goal was always to get round without an injury however, and that was aciheved, so we'll call it a draw and move on.

Hilly ground...

I've just done my last long training run before the Reading Half next weekend. I'm on a course in London all week, so won't get a chance to do any long sessions over the week, maybe a 10k at some point.


I've discovered the downside of living out of town...the gritters don't come down my road. As a result the recent spell of bad weather has quite comprehensively sealed me off from the outside world...