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Polar Bear

I went to the London Literary Festival earlier in the year mainly to see dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip, but there was another artist there that caught my eye. His name is Polar bear he a spoken word artist and is excellent.


Okay its time for a rant. Lets being with todays attempted shopping experiance, its a nice sunny day and I still can't find my misplaced Oakleys from last year. So I popped into my optician to buy some new ones he's a nice chap and keeps my eyes working nicely. So just before I purchased a new pair of sunglasses I mentioned that I was worried I'd find them much cheaper online.

Laptop Dead

My Laptop has died, it would seem the graphics card has gone and despite being a separate unit its not replaceable. So I've ordered a replacement one from Dell on the plus side it has more RAM and more storage then the old one, but surely a laptop should last longer then 19 months.

If you've been emailing me and I've not been responding you should now have just worked out why.

Crimewave hits Mill Hill

I parked my car across the road from my parents house today and some sod has stolen my number plates. I've report this most horrible crime to the police and I hope they catch the bastards. Its more of an annoyace then anything else but no doubt someone is going to be running around with my plates on.

Life is good

When I started in business last september I was worried about a huge ammount.

Looking back now I'm amazed at how well its gone, this month I'm on target to have a very good month and its only the 1st.

Yes as usually I've landed on my feet, but there's no reason for me to knock that.

Life is good.


I was resizing some photos for my mother, cos she's even more usless with computers then I am. Whilst playing with photoshop I managed to do this: