I was resizing some photos for my mother, cos she's even more usless with computers then I am. Whilst playing with photoshop I managed to do this:

I was suprised how easy it was to achieve what I think is a great effect simply by mucking about with photoshop. Don't ask me how I managed it. Here's the orginal photo:


I'd take a wild stab in the dark and say you reduced the number of colours...I have a habit of doing this setting stuff to .gif format.

I've edited your post to stop the photos appearing on the teaser on the front page.

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No it was an acutally filter/effect thingy not me just changing the number of colors.

Thanks for editing it so it didn't take over the front page.

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Probably a paint daub filter in the artistic settings.

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Looks like Cut Out or Posterize

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