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Bad dreams and Presidential Joys

Well, at 2:45 and with Obama at the 200 mark (70 to pass the post), I'm very tempted to crash and let history forge a path of it's own. SO, on the assumption that something has to go wrong I wonder if the news story I wake up to will be one of the following:

McCain SHock win (god I will break the radio having to have Nicky Campbell informing me of that)!

Hooray for system resiliance or a lack thereof

So it turns out my company's plan for server failures is to turn the whole shebang (sp) off for a few hours... As it's already 15:30 this probably means I won't be doing anything remotely productive for the rest of the day. I'd surf the web but I imagine our internet pipe maybe a bit busy what with every member of staff simultaneously hitting the BBC site...

28 reasons why I should hang my football boots up for good.

Last night I played in two of the most embarrassingly bad games of football that I have ever witnessed.
A week ago I was approached by a colleague and was asked if I'd be available to play a six a-side game at Rivermead against a team from marketing, unfortunately for us a lack of game-plan, determination and talent led to an epic drubbing 17-1.