Hospital in t-minus 24 hours

As a few of you will be aware I recently had the misfortune of breaking my nose in a football game for DC Steamers

, tommorrow I go to the RBH to have my nose re-broken and straightened, needless to say I am not looking forward to this and have decided in the meantime to amuse myself by achieving 24 distracting activities to pass the the 24 hours until I'm sent into a chemically induced coma from which i'll (hopefully) wake up with a reset (and i'd imagine rather painful) nose.

I have a few up my sleeve already but I throw this out to you all to suggest some fun activities for me to attempt.


Try the self-medicate method at home first. Break your own nose and then try and reset it!

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Unfortunately if i do that and it doesn't work the swelling will prevent them from re-breaking it tommorrow.

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The doctor who gets to re-break peoples faces must love his job. We wanders into work every morning, whistling, before picking up his baseball bat with a breezeblock nailed to it...

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Indeed, that special and rare breed of doctor the "expert nose breaker"... Actually any resident can carry out the proceedure apparently. So no need to re-train for the role.

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So your having a nose job??

I hope everything goes okay.

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How'd it go mate?

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Skunty, what were the results? Did you get brain faced?

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He is at home sick at the minute! I believe it hurts when he sneezes.

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Nose in a sling?


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I feel a pepper fight is in order if he turns up on Friday.

Purely for scientific purposes, you understand...

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