What I did spend my bonus on...



Really need to sort that lawn out now!


Crikey, that was quick! Were the builders in and out sharpish?

It looks superb.

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It took them 5 days to do the patio, and 2 for the fence. They started last Monday.

I have soem time off next week to sort out the lawn and decking, as well as hopefully sort out the flatroof (if it doesn't decide to rain again!)

ONce thats done I should have a good looking set of gardens!

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Your lawns does need work. ;-)

Nice to see you're having a good experience with builders, you hear so many horror stories. I'm looking forward to gracing your garden with my holy presence.

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I found them using a site called RatedPeople. You put up the details of the work you want done (including photos), and then trades contact you. You can see reviews of the work they have done from the people they have worked with. I can say with all honesty I would never have gone straight to the Yellow Pages...for all the horror stories you've heard, in my first 5 years here I heard about 10 times more...

The guys I got are a reasonably new firm, but used to work with Barretts, before going off on their own. They did a good quote, and could start quickly. Once they had done the fence I asked them to quote on the patio (much larger bit of work) based on the dodgy plan I've put on Picasa. They came back, offered a few suggestions to improve it (drainage, capping etc), and again gave a reasonable quote. They've also done some extra stuff while doing it (like sorting out the power sockets outside, re-doing some decking for me, and filling in the gap between the fence and the decking).

As and when I get the bathroom done I'll probably get them in again...very good bunch.

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Fine work there man! I need to get up your way to grab Bloodbowl at some juncture, I shall attempt to do this soon so I can have a nose around the garden.

What are the buses like to yours? Or maybe someone can grab me if the are driving there... [looks at Rob] :)

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Buses...there are some. I think its 142/143/144. They stop at the Co-Op, about 5 mins walk from my place. I noticed Blood Bowl the other day, still under the stairs.

I've had a couple of days hard graft. Yesterday I replaced the flatrof at the front, today I've been working on the back garden again...

Compared to a year ago (courtesy of Byrnie)

Tomorrow the decking gets cleaned and stained, and the patio wall gets painted. After that I think I'm done!

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Great work, sir. You've been a busy bugger!

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Looking forward to the tour on Saturday.

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Those before and after shots say it all really. Nice one.

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The end of a week of work...

All the hard work is done now. Still got to;

  • Add the arches over the stairs (for added privacy)
  • Furniture & barbeque
  • Clear the flowerbed and plant it

Really pleased with the way its turned out... Now I need to work out a date to hold a barbeque there!

On the down side I have blisters on my hands, a distinct lack of skin around the fingernails, and sunburnt toes!

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Absolutely fabulous, mate. Your hard work has really paid off. Did you get a chance to just sit and enjoy it with the better half?

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Gill hasn't seen it as yet, as I was busy this weekend (gaming on Saturday, Cricket on Sunday). She'll get to see it on Friday evening, and on Saturday we are touring garden centres for furniture/barbeques...

We did manage to have dinner out there on Saturday, sat round the wall of the patio, and its quite nice to take your lunch out there and munch away...

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It was most pleasant on saturday to sit out there and enjoy our dinner in the fresh air.

The garden is looking very good, the work you've put into it has definitely paid off.

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